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D692 Round Bale Handler

The D692 Round Bale Handler features two rotating rollers powered by a double-acting hydraulic ram.  The hydraulic ram provides consistent, safe and secure transportation of wrapped round bales.

This agricultural machinery implement cradles the bale to ensure the wrapped bale is carried securely.  The rotating rollers are mounted on tines.  The operator can easily remove the rollers and use the tines as spikes to carry unwrapped bales.

The D692 Round Bale Handler is designed to handle round bales up to 1.5 meters in diameter.



    • Two rotating rollers mounted on tines
    • Double-acting hydraulic ram for tight grip
    • Handles up to 1.5 meter round bales


Technical Specifications

D692 Round Bale Handler


  • Type:
  • Agricultural Machinery Implements
  • Model Number:
  • D692
  • Download D692 Round Bale Handler Brochure