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D70 Round Bale Stacker

The robust D70 Round Bale Stacker facilitates stacking bales on their flat side.  The bales are handled and rotated 90 degrees and then stacked on their ends.  This helps round silage bales keep their shape better.  

The D70 Round Bale Stacker is ideal for handling bales from bale wrappers with end tip ramps.  The sturdy, well-designed stacker arms ensure a full, secure and consistent grip at all times.  A double-acting hydraulic ram ensures a tight hold which prevents damage to the plastic wrapping, while the stacker arms shape perfectly with the round sides of the bale.  The stacker arms can comfortably manoeuvre between two closely stacked bales.
The D70 Round Bale Stacker is designed to handle round bales up to 1.5 meters in diameter.



    • Tough stacker arms shaped for close fit
    • Double-acting ram for tight grip
    • Ideal for bale wrappers with end tip ramps
    • Handles up to 1.5 meter round bales

Technical Specifications

D70 Round Bale Stacker


  • Type:
  • Agricultural Machinery Implements
  • Model Number:
  • D70