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D80 Bale Stacker

The D80 Bale Stacker allows for secure and consistent handling of all sizes of large square and round bales.  Simple in design but very effective in operation, this bale stacker is the complete solution for the safe and damage-free handling of silage bales.

The double-acting hydraulic ram ensures a full and consistent grip for all sizes of bales, which prevents damage to the plastic wrapping.  The stacker can easily cater for all bale sizes.  Each arm can be locked in place with a tap to allow for easy stacking of bales.  The design of the stacker gives excellent operator vision of the bale at all times.



    • Stacks all sizes of large square and round bales
    • Double-acting hydraulic ram for tight grip
    • Arm locking for easy bale stacking

Technical Specifications

D80 Bale Stacker


  • Type:
  • Agricultural Machinery Implements
  • Model Number:
  • D80
  • Download D80 Bale Stacker Brochure