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Agricultural Wrapping Machine

Tanco Autowrap consistently delivers innovation in the manufacture of agricultural wrapping machines and agricultural machinery implements.  Our latest advances span our round bale wrappers, square bale wrappers, round bale stacker, round bale handler, bale shear, bale stacker and livestock feeding implements.

In our round bale wrapper range, the 1300 EH uses a unique bale wrapping system to wrap and stack in one process.  The patented twin folding wrap arms of the 1320 EH enable rapid wrapping and stacking on one compact agricultural wrapping machine. 

The high speed, trailed 1400 EH has a unique, gentle loading and unloading system.  A twin tower design makes this agricultural wrapping machinery much stronger and capable of wrapping in all conditions.  Specially designed aluminium wrap arms reduce wear and tear, ensuring a longer life for the wrapping machine. 

In our square bale wrapper range, the 404 EH fully automatic agricultural wrapping machine is the only trailed mini square and round bale wrapper on the market.  It dramatically speeds up bale wrapping by following the baler in the field. 

For high output, ease of use, consistent performance and versatility, the 1814 LA high speed, trailed, agricultural wrapping machine is unsurpassed.  A high capacity, fully automatic bale wrapper, the 1814 LA machine is capable of wrapping all sizes of large silage bales. 

Our agricultural machinery implements complement the innovation of our agricultural wrapping machinery.  The D692 round bale handler features two rotating rollers powered by a double-acting hydraulic ram.  This round bale handler cradles the wrapped bale to ensure it is carried securely.

The robust D70 round bale stacker facilitates stacking bales on their flat side.  This helps round silage bales keep their shape better.  The round bale stacker is ideal for handling bales from agricultural wrapping machines with end tip ramps. 

The D80 bale stacker allows for secure and consistent handling of all sizes of large square and round bales.  This agricultural machinery implement is the complete solution for the safe and damage-free handling of silage bales.

The I60 CleanaFeed is a low maintenance, self-loading, durable livestock feeding implement.  This agricultural machine implement is hydraulically operated via linkage.

The I70 Bale Shear is a radical, new method for feeding baled silage - an innovation in agricultural machinery.  The I70 Bale Shear grips the outside wrap whilst splitting a bale in half.  This agricultural machinery implement can slice bales with ease, while retaining the net or plastic wrap.  Since it requires just one standard hydraulic coupling, I70 Bale Shear is ideal for front-loading agricultural wrapping machines.

Tanco Autowrap’s commitment to research and development ensures that our valued customers receive an innovative, efficient and enduring agricultural machine.  It is clear why Tanco Autowrap is the only choice for agricultural wrapping machines and agricultural machinery implements.

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