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1400 EH


The 1400 EH high speed, trailed round bale wrapper has a unique loading and unloading system, along with a superior wrapping process delivering consistent bale wrapping in all conditions.

The machine has a hydraulic offset hitch and loads from the front following the line of the baler (no need for crossing swathes). The loading arm is attached directly to the table frame, so when the loading arm drops to the ground, the table uniquely splits.  This allows the silage bale to gently transfer from loading arm to table, greatly reducing the stress of the chassis.  The loading and bale transfer is a very fast and efficient process.  A unique compact design also ensures stable loading of heavy bales.

The 1400 bale wrapper uses proportional speed controls enabling the operator to set wrapping speeds from the controller.  The twin tower design makes the 1400 Series much stronger and capable of wrapping in all conditions.  Specially designed aluminium wrap arms reduce wear and tear, ensuring a longer life for the wrapper.  Automatic film break sensors come as standard.  The fast acting and strong gripping cut and starts ensure short cycle times.

The unique split table allows the back roller to lower independently, gently offloading a wrapped bale.  As the rear roller offloads a wrapped bale, the front roller and loading arm simultaneously lower to the loading position and the next bale can be wrapped without delay.  The optional end tip kit allows the bale to automatically tip over onto the flat end as the bale offloads.


    • RDS Expert Controller    
    • Fully Automatic Radio Remote Control - optional   
    • End Tip Kit - optional
    • Speed Control Valve   
    • Dual Stretch Dispenser (70% & 55%)   
    • Film Roll Holders   
    • Film Changeover   
    • Film Break Sensor   
    • Bale Stop Roller   
    • Hydraulic Cut & Start   
    • Autostop   
    • Dispenser Gears (33%) - optional   
    • Twin Tower Support   
    • Twin Dispenser   
    • Split Table   
    • Loading Arm   
    • Wide Low Pressure Tyres

Technical Specifications


  • Length (m)
  • 3.9
  • Width (m)
  • 2.71
  • Height(m)
  • 2.75
  • Weight unladen (kgs)
  • 1250


  • Min oil requirement (l.p.m.)
  • 25
  • Table speed (rpm)
  • 32
  • Film width (mm)
  • -
  • Attachment to tractor
  • Trailed
  • Hydraulic connections
  • 2 x 1/2
  • Electrical requirement
  • 12v
  • Road speed
  • 40 km/h

Round Bale Sizes

  • Max. width (m)
  • 1.2
  • Max. diameter (m)
  • 1.2 - 1.5
  • Max. weight (kgs)
  • 1000


Standard Equipment

RDS Expert Controller
RDS Expert Series allows full automation of bale wrapper as all functions are controlled through electro-hydraulic valves.

Speed Control Valve
The control valve allows the operator to adjust the speed of the satellite arm ensuring an accurate overlap.

Dual Stretch Dispenser
Aluminium dispenser maintains consistent stretch as well as allowing a quick changeover of stretch levels from 55% to 70%.

Film Roll Holders
Additional film rolls can be stored and transported on the bale wrapper.

Film Changeover
Film rolls can be easily loaded into dispenser unit with unique locking mechanism, saving time and effort.

Film Break Sensor
In the event of a roll of film running out of plastic or breaking during the wrapping cycle, the operator is automatically alerted.  On bale wrappers with two rolls of film, the wrapping cycle speed is automatically reduced when one roll is still operational, ensuring the correct overlap and allowing the operator to finish the cycle until the plastic roll is replaced.  The electronic controller will resume where it left off in the event the operator needs to change the plastic roll during the wrapping cycle.     

Bale Stop Roller
This acts as a bale stop when loading.  During wrapping, this ensures the bale stays in the same position when being rotated.

Cut & Start
Hydraulic cut & start unit holds the film at the beginning of the wrapping cycle and cuts it at the end.

The bale wrapper runs through the wrapping cycle and automatically finishes after a set number of rotations, ready for off loading.

Twin Tower Support
Two tubular tower masts gives maximum strength and ensures the long life of the wrapper.

Twin Dispenser
Two rolls of film being applied automatically at same time.

Split Table
This allows the table to split ensuring no time delay once bale is offloaded to when new bale is reloaded.  Each split section then acts as the offloading ramp and the loading arm.

Loading Arm
For easy loading of silage bales. Can be set for different diameter bales.

Wide Low Pressure Tyres
Reduces rolling resistance. Gives larger contact area with the soil, spreading the load over a bigger area.

Optional Equipment

Radio Remote Control Unit
The new hand held radio remote control kit simply requires the operator to be within 50m of the wrapper.

End Tip Kit
Allows for the silage bale to be dropped onto its flat side when unloading.

Dispenser Gears (33%)
Dispenser gears to allow 33% stretch level.


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    1400 EH


  • Series:
  • 1400
  • Type:
  • Round Bale Wrapper
  • Model Number:
  • 1400 EH
  • Mounting:
  • Trailed
  • Download 1400 EH Brochure